Raflex project core and primary objective is envisioned towards creating a decentralized Internet-based School – a one-stop-shop platform that will house classrooms, workshops and bootcamps; a global freelancing platform and a marketplace for people from all walks of life, ages, races, languages, professions and interests.
Raflex strategizes to utilize all modern applicable technologies to create unique educational products to facilitate learning; create a more accommodating and secure marketplace for buyers and sellers through the Raflex Escrow for all products and services on the Raflex ecosystem. For ease of payment and low payment fees, its native currency, RAAF, shall be used as the only payment currency for all the products and services in the Raflex ecosystem.


In today’s world of the internet and the emerging web-3 technologies, there should be no reason anyone should complain of lack of money which is mostly on the obvious result of a lack of proper education and sort-after skills. With a mission to join every other humanitarian organization and individuals around the world in poverty alleviation
struggle, especially in the third-world nations is a drive to create an accessible and comprehensive learning solution provided on a platform designed to bridge all the gaps and limitations responsible for lack of education, skill acquisition, and exposure within the lower class.

We believe in every human, that a good platform with equal opportunities to acquire requisite knowledge and skills in their field of interest, can become problem solvers and job creators, thereby reducing the world’s
poverty rate to the barest minimum. knowledge, they say, is power.
Teaching and impacting lives are our drive.