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THE Raflex project

The Raflex project is envisioned towards creating a global decentralized Internet-based School – a one-stop-shop platform that will house classrooms, workshops and bootcamps for practical skills acquisition classes; a global freelancing platform; a marketplace that connects buyers and sellers; an escrow service system to guarantee security and quality service delivery for the protection and satisfaction of all transacting parties on the ecosystem; and a decentralized logistics and courier service platform to help promoted trade and commerce. For ease of payment, low payment fees and dependability. Its native currency, $RAAF, will be used as the best alternative payment currency and reward package for all the products, services and activities on the Raflex ecosystem.

Enjoy free access to our classes and other privilages simply by HODLing $RAAF!

List your new and used items for free and meet both local and international buyers! The Raflex Marketplace is positioned to be the center of trade and commerce for both local and international online shopping. With secure and low-to-zero escrow fee service, logistics and courier services and good insurance coverage on items purchased on the Raflex Marketplace; secure, swift and borderless delivery; Raflex is undoubtedly going to be the #1 go-to place for every online shopper.
One of our core objectives at Raflex is value creation - teaching skills, and providing a platform that enables every skilled person to convert their skill(s) into cash. As the world evolves into full digitization, many are making thousands of dollars on a monthly basis by providing digital services online at their best convenience rather than taking a full time 9-5 salary job that most probably pays less. On the other hand, many businesses as well have taken preference on hiring freelancers for some of their services over employing full time workers. Individuals, not excluded. Thus, it becomes to us more like a humanitarian service to ensure this opportunity is spread beyond borders and becomes very flexible and user-friendly in all aspects.
Millions are looking for where to learn your skills! Make good money teaching your skills to our learning community. As a skill-based education center; an edu-centric and socioeconomic focused project – one of our main goals is breaking the learning barrier by providing a free decentralized learning platform to all. In today's world of internet, artificial intelligence (AI) and the emerging web-3.0 – the blockchain technology, we believe that exposing and skilling more people with currently limited access to these industries and giving them the platform to practice would go a long way in tackling and reducing poverty in the world.
Raflex Logistics and Courier Services are here to provide safe, swift, efficient and decentralized delivery services to our Marketplace users and beyond. With a great insurance policy and beyond borders delivery, our courier service is prepared to penetrate all the nooks and crannies of the world by providing local independent delivery service providers a wider visibility for more patronage.
The most satisfying parts of online shopping and freelancing are the assurance of payment after service delivery - as a seller, quality product/service delivery - as a buyer, plus low escrow fees and fair Purchase Return Policy. These assurances make Raflex Escrow Service the most treasured part of the whole Raflex ecosystem, as it guarantees a safe platform for e-commerce and freelancing to thrive. The most exciting part is when you can pay with its native token - $RAAF, for very little to zero fee!


Raflex  token, $RAAF, is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), fully compliant with the BEP20 standard protocol. This guaranties its compatibility with any third-party wallets, exchanges that support the BSC technology. 

  • Token Name: Raflex
  • Symbol/Ticker: RAAF
  • Network: BSC

Best Tokenomics!

  • Scarcity(Deflationary mechanisms)
  • Use Cases
  • Anti-whale and Anti-rugpull
  • Multiple Exchanges listings


Raflex Token is a cryptocurrency designed to promote trust and stability within the community. It uses a deflationary protocol and an auto-liquidity and reflection generating protocol to support this goal. The project has a strong emphasis on utility-driven tokenomics and is committed to the long-term success of the token, as demonstrated by the 5-year locked liquidity, 5yrs team’s and major wallets vesting. RAAF is an anti-rug pull project – SAFU!

Model: Deflationary​

Token name: Raflex Token

Symbol/Ticker: RAAF

Network: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

1 Trillions (max supply)

Reflection - 2% daily transaction fees added to all token holders

Liquidity Pool (LP) - 3% of transaction fees goes to the locked LP



Fair Sale


Team - (5yrs vesting)


Ecosystem development/maintenance - (5yrs vesting)


Marketing/Publicity/CEXes Listing - (5yrs vesting)


Charity and Bounties - (5years vesting)


Initial DEx Liquidity - (locked for 5yrs)


Launching Price



Pancake Swap

Launching Date

January 30th, 2023

Launching Type

Fair Launch (pinksale.finance)

Currency Pair


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